Triple The Fun

My cousin brother savoured the sweet taste of freedom yesterday when he concluded his PMR examination. Since the first thing he did was sleep after the last paper instead of hanging out with his friends and catching a movie, I decided to ask him to join my brother, his girlfriend and me for a movie tonight. (Actually, come to think of it, the first thing he did after his last paper was send me a text-message with the very ominous, "Now it's your turn." Yes, I know that. Thank you for the kind reminder.)

When you have three different people you are comfortable with meshed together for dinner, you get the perfect recipe for awkward moments. But fortunately, said moments were comfortable awkward moments. And I enjoyed their company very much, awkward as it may be.

After dinner -my brother's treat- we headed to the mall. We had about 30 minutes before the movie began when we arrived there. My cousin brother and I loitered at the bookstore(s) for a bit before making our way to the theatre.

I discovered some pretty cool stuff about my cousin brother. I had a great time with 3 disparate human beings and I owe my brother for this -chauffeuring, dinner, movie and overall a splendid time.

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