Semi-super Day

After church today, I went to the mall with my parents and a friend to buy Superman t-shirts. I ended up purchasing one Superman t-shirt and two Batman t-shirts. My brain was slowly shutting down after a while because I am an incredibly inept shopper. I mean, trying t-shirts is quite a daunting task. And the lock on the door at the fitting room just about sent me barmy! Then my brain rebooted again when I stepped into the glorious shop which begins with the letter 'B'.

En route from Mall 1 to Mall 2, the friend asked me what Happy Birthday was in Mandarin. I am the last person on Earth anyone would want to ask for any language translations whatsoever. I spoke with confidence when I told the friend what I was 100% sure was the right translation for Happy Birthday. It was, of course, 100% wrong. It turned out I had said Happy Chinese New Year instead of Happy Birthday. At least I got the Happy correct. Which really wasn't much of a consolation.

Something noteworthy while we hit the road was that the sky was a beautiful shade of amber. It was definitely a sight to behold. The friend and I proceeded to watch a movie at Mall 2 and arrived home at a quarter to midnight. Yep. We know how to alleviate stress.

On a side note, SPM commences in two weeks.

And on another way-off-the-side note, the computer is going to be hauled away the day after tomorrow. There is no logic behind this verdict even after squinting from every angle to this imposed order. But I have duly accepted it.

And what I have to say to this is: Save me, Superman!

Just kidding. (Told you I'm peaky.)

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