School Stuff

Trivial newspiece: I had sat for a t-u-p-h English exam a while ago.
Result: Distinction; score in top 3% in the country.
Reaction: "Oh man! Oh. Man. Ohmanohmanohman!"

A good kind of "Oh, man!" of course. I hadn't done well at all during the last two times I had sat for it two years ago. To say the results shocked me silly would be an understatement. Praise God!

In other related news, I've gotten back several trial exam papers. They aren't as horrendous as I'd conjured up in my mind but the worst has yet to come. I am going to wait for the revelation of the results of all the papers before reporting them to my parents because it is always nicer to see a frown turning into a smile (I hope) than a smile turning into a frown (I hope not).

Meanwhile, in other unrelated news, my schoolmates and I had the graduation rehearsal today. Due to some technicalities, I will be the antepenultimate student to graduate in the school's Fifth-form Class of 2008. And as it turned out, my prediction on the colours of the school's graduation robes was correct (though it was an easy one): green and yellow -the school colours.


Joe Jian said...


Aiya.. Nothing surprising. You deserve it!! haha..

and the robe... Tak cantik lar... haha

Justine said...

I'm not the only one though. Go ask around the class. There are 2 others who scored Distinction, too! Haha. This is my first so it is VERY surprising for me. Haha. Thank you.

About the robe: No comment.


Joe Jian said...

another two? hm.. should be ashlea and... someone else?

Justine said...

Ashlea didn't sit for it. The two are easy guesses: Hui Leng and Zanoah. ;)

joann said...

congrats...and congrats on graduating high school..

Justine said...

Thank you and thank you! :)