Rejoice This Day

Part One: I haven't been reading (storybooks) for 3 consecutive days even though this whole week is a school break. This is a record.

Part Two: When I went to the mall with my parents the other day, I was downright perplexed to see a fun fair with a gazillion blinding lights and hordes of humans everywhere right next to the mall. It was as if it popped up overnight. But of course, it didn't. It has been a while since I last went to said mall. It was still astonishing, nonetheless.

Part Three: For the first time ever, I actually ate food that looked better right in front of me than it does in the advertised picture. Huh.

Part Four: My brother is a very good example for me. I say this because he had planned to text-message his boss that he was not going to work that day and might just quit 5 minutes prior to the time his work began. I convinced him to make a call instead of a text-message that would be regarded as rude and fortunately, he complied but he didn't resign. Instead, he is now eagerly waiting for his boss to fire him and is purposely doing a bad job at his work. Good example indeed.

Part Five: I was horrified to discover that a schoolmate had passed away recently due to cancer. I don't know her personally but I know enough to tell that she was a very promising netball player who represented the school many times and bagged many victories with her teammates. I can't even recall if we had exchanged any form of greeting throughout all the schooling years, but actually knowing someone your age who is gone forever is not a pleasant thought at all. I realise that I can never be too young to die. And each new day I get to wake up and look forward to is an unacknowledged blessing from God. I am acknowledging it now.


Joe Jian said...

yep.. i cant believe myself lying on the bed waiting to die at this age. there are just too many things to be done b4 i wanna leave this world.. *sigh*

Justine said...

That's why people say, "Live each day like it's your last and live it to the fullest." Cliched but still true. :)

Kiki said...

why talk about dying so soon..?

Justine said...

I just meant that there is no such thing as being too young to die. Kamu ni... ;P