Pictures from the Little Sojourn

Surprisingly, it was relatively easy to get the pictures from my brother. He took 371.

Airport of the Year

48-seater Berjaya Aircraft: Bombardier Dash 7 Series 100 (I looked this up due to the free time I had on my hands. OK, not really.)

Somniferous hotel room with definite must-sleep beds.

The monkey that took pleasure in interrupting my reading time and successfully scared the living daylights out of me. Twice.

This is how we snorkel: Laying back and gazing at the clouds.

Just kidding. This is how we snorkel; and this method isn't recommended at all.

Rice. Adorable-looking rice.

Tiki torch and barks of palm trees.

Number of passengers: Six (including photographer).

Free from chatters. Free from human congestion. And best of all: Free seating.


Joe Jian said...

wow.. that's so cool!!

elisa. said...

oooh..i see you in the pictures.x) & i see the cousin brother too..in the snorkeling one. =)he must be fascinated with the monkeys.

Justine said...

Joe Jian: The food? The monkey? The airport? Haha. Thanks -credit to my bro!

Elisa: He took tons of pictures of the monkey alone. And the squirrel that came to visit as well as the frog that stuck to the wall. Basically, we were surrounded by flora and fauna everywhere, including the balcony. Haha. And d'oh! You only see 56.47% of me. :D

Jeremy L said...

So cool! Hahaha.. It looks really really nice. Never been to Redang before, always used to prefer the mountains to beaches. =]

Justine said...

Sadly, I am not much of a nature person but honestly, Redang was paradise. ;) Perfect spot for rest and relaxation. Never been to any mountainside, though.

zehr said...

hey, guess who?
seems like you had a fun time!

p/s: where are the white boy pics that made SY go gaga?
was hoping to see some of them here..hehe:)

Justine said...

Quote: "I can see you..."

Haha. Yeah, I had a superb time! Didn't think it was going to be that awesome. I was blatantly wrong. Just an idea: We should head over there when high school is over. Seriously. It'll be fun. ;)

P/S: Come on! I don't post pictures my brother accidentally took with his camera. And, I don't wanna be accountable for anything, i.e. SY's delirium. Haha.