Breaking news: My cousin sister has just attained a scholarship! Three cheers for her! (The first step of the transition into college has been made. Trust God with the rest.)

Heartbreaking news: With the SPM examination looming just less than 20 days away, my mother has forbidden, I repeat, forbidden me from having friends, who kindly want my help concerning subjects I am reasonably decent at, come over to the house anymore. This is placing me in a very difficult situation because the pleasure is all mine when I help a friend. I just find the fact that I need my mother's consent to help someone incredibly ridiculous. Anyway, next Monday is the last and only day I am allowed to help my friends in the house. I am so sorry.

Heartrending news: The trials results have all been revealed. The class position was also disclosed in school today. God has, time and again, blessed me with much more than I deserve. And I am not being modest when I say that. This is mainly because, time and again, I didn't do my best and, time and again, God has given me tenfolds more than I should have received. My glory is His glory.

Lame news: Since the life-or-death (high school edition) exam is in the offing, I might be a little peaky -if I am not already- in the posts to come. Just a caution.


Joe Jian said...

haha.. congrats!!

Joyce said...

justine, you sound like a really bright student. fyi, i got a credit for k3m when half of my class got distinction. oh dear. i think i need to face a wall to reflect and feel guilty.

Justine said...

Joe Jian: Thanks! You, too. :D

Joyce: Really bright student? Nope. You got that wrong. Just a really fortunate student being watched from above. (Seriously. I am quite daft once you get to know me. :) Haha.) The k3m paper memang super tough la! I didn't even think I would get High Distinction also. Was tembak-ing all the way. ;) I was thinking, as long as I get a cert for participation then it's OK liao la. Haha. Truly praise God. And please la, don't have to beat yourself up. SPM is probably ten times easier than the paper because the paper feels like it's for professional chemists. Haha. Turn away from the wall. :D

elisa. said...

justine yeo! (:

i have something to tell you. it's p & c.

Justine said...

Thanks for delivering the message I needed to hear. ;)