School was very eventful today. A cameraman and his assistant came over to the school today to video shoot a lesson in class; for educational purposes, I'm assuming. It was extremely contrived in the beginning and the filming dude had to do double, triple and even quadruple takes of us greeting the teacher and the teacher wishing us 'Good morning, class.' I am never best friends with a recording camera so I laboriously tried to remain covert and hid behind my water bottle but it was in vain. I will try to hunt down the video in the World Wide Web when it is posted.

In other rather embarrassing news, it turned out I was making a huge Everest-sized mountain out of a molehill on the day of incident. I say this because for starters, I had to intentionally ask my parents if they had even wanted me to report my trials results to them and they didn't even show the faintest concern/interest. Besides that, I have actually met the crazy high minimum requirement for another scholarship I'm interested in, only I'm hesitating big-time now because of the terms and conditions. Moreover, I found out today that I didn't do bad at the subject I was so chicken about that made me post the aforementioned post in the first place. Also, I didn't get shot.

And in other not-so-embarrassing news, God has blessed me with a High Distinction in a t-u-p-h national Chemistry paper I had sat for back in July. I had initially refused to sit for the paper due to lame reasons and finally gave in because I couldn't bear the badgering from the Chemistry teacher and a few friends. I truly thank these bunch of people for pushing me in the first place, and above all, I thank God. This belongs to Him.

In other ironic news, a friend remarked today that she has never seen me blow my top before. The other 2 friends who were there and I blurted out simultaneously, "Are you kidding?" She wasn't. Huh.

In other painful news, there will be a minor test in school tomorrow. Oy.

Still. Today is a day of great peace, joy and awesomeness.


Joe Jian said...

hohoho... another high distinction! CONGRATS!

Justine said...

Xie xie! :)

Anonymous said...

hey!!congrats..on everything!!!!
the high distinction...your trials..
and happy birthday bloggie!!!
tell me when u get a s.ship.


Justine said...

Thank you very much! I appreciate it. :) Blog says, "Arigatou gozaimasu!" Haha.

You are placing way too high hopes on me. I'm not even 100% sure I'm gonna apply for it because the terms and conditions are making things a little bit difficult for me. But I might give it a shot. :)