A New Year

Happy 1st Birthday, Me, The Humans and Plastic. I hope you're fine with me spewing my thoughts through you because I may never stop. It's been a good year and hopefully, I'll be able to continue doing this for a long time. You've never failed me and I appreciate you in times of triumph and woe. Also, look what you made me do: I'm talking to a blog, namely, you. Aiyaya. Answer me!

It's been a year already? Man. It only feels like it's been a month. (Sarcasm overdose here. But I'm sure you can tell.) I've learned so many interesting things from you, like what you ate for dinner, why you are thankful you're not a fish, what you did in school everyday, which colours of the Cube you've solved so far and how crazy you can get with books. (I mean, would it kill you to post without using the word 'book' for, say, a week?) Yep. Interesting.

Your blog.
Funny. My blog reminds me of someone -I just can't figure out who it reminds me of right now. But I can refrain from using the word 'book' for a week. Really. In the meantime, I've decided not to lay a finger on the 26 reading materials waiting to be perused in my room until the examination is over. I don't know how it got to be that many.


sh3rina (^(@)^) said...

happy birthday to bloggie?? xD
u got msn??? can add u?? or add me??

Ally said...


elisa. said...

this is going to be long, so bear with me.

first and foremost, mana you? EMERGENCY! need to talk to you about a few things but mainly about THAT thing.

and then congrats for high distinction in K3M. x)

what did the cousin brother say when the mcD guy said that? haha you've a stalker. remember the mcD guy in subang parade when we went with lydia? i won't forget that. =)

ooh, what movie did you watch with ivan? sounds like a uhm..double date? xDD hahahahahahaha i'm surprised he went book shopping with you. but, yea..that evil boyy. he did the same thing to me. the msg saying, it's your turn now. ): soooo kind of him to remind us, kan?

and and and and and guess who's coming back from aussie land? ISABELLA LA LA LA LA. haha but we'll be having exams soon then. aaah, still have to hang out with her, right?

anyway, happy blog birthday! i remember how much time i used pestering you to click on the 'create blog' button. xD

p.s* cepat datang online..EMERGENCY! thanks. ;)

Jeremy L said...

Cheers, Justine! Haha, happy birthday blog! Gonna be totally random here and say thank you for the quotes at the bottom of your blog, it gave me my much needed laugh of the day. =]

Justine said...

Sherina: Yes, I have. You can add me. Ask Elisa for my email. Hehe. Xie xie! ;)

Ally: Blog says, "Thank you very much! I'm finally one! Awesome!" :D

Jeremy: Cheers! And blog says, "Thanks, Jeremy! So nice to have you here. I'm one! I'm one!" Haha! Oh, you are welcome! I gotta thank you for thanking me, too. I thought the quotes were already obsolete at this blog. Haha. Glad it gave you a laugh. ;)

Justine said...

Elisa: This is gonna be long, too. Haha.

Sorry, sorry. Was watching Planetshakers tour '08 on the DVD player. Haha. Got some very short snippets of their tour in Malaysia! Couldn't find you in it. Too many people. Sms me when you're on tomorrow. I have the whole day off 'til before 7PM.

Thanks for the congratulatory wish! Xie xie ni. Terima kasih. Arigatou. ;)

My bro replied, "Err...taklah. OK, thank you." and walked back in. Haha! And forget the Subang Parade incident. Forget it. Shoo it away from your memory.

We watched The House Bunny. It's a rated-U comedy and, of course, was super hilarious! What double date??? Don't make me fall off my chair and bang my head against the wall and then stub my toe into the cupboard la. ;P You'd be surprised alright. He is loving 'em books now. Haha.

I heard the great news!! Can't wait for my brother to see her! He might quit his job just to entertain and delight her all day. Haha. I wanna hear her speak and count the hairs on her head now! :D Kidding. I'm so excited for her to visit Malaysia for the first time! SPM? Si hamik lai? Hehehehe.

I am indebted to you for being the driving force behind this blog! ;) Thanks a bunch again!

Talk to you soon. :)

elisa. said...

yes, talk to you soon. ;)

Danny said...


I enjoy reading your blog. I'm glad you found my blog so I could read yours.

Kiki said...

Oh goodness. Justine, are you okay?!!

haha happy birthday btw. belated~

Justine said...

Danny: Likewise. :) And thank you very much.

Kiki: Aiyok. Do I need to answer that? SPM is less than 20 days away so I think I got a little right to go wacky without any explanation, yes? Haha.

Arigatou!! :D