I had a haircut today. A friend who had also wanted a haircut tagged along and we both had haircuts. I don't know about the friend, but my scalp had felt like it was about to burst into flames when the lady at the hair salon dried my snipped hair with a turbo hair dryer for about ten painful minutes. At least 5 inches of my hair was gone and the exposure to the heat was intense, I tell you. In the meantime, I feel light-headed -literally- and blissful because the time taken in the shower has now reduced.

P/S: This is a lunch break.


Joe Jian said...


Anonymous said...

Speaking of haircuts I think I might need a trim soon as well ahhah


Justine said...

Jessie: Why TIDAKKKKK??? ;)

Tim: Hey, haven't seen you here in a while! Haha. Go get that haircut/trim! :)

P/S: Tim, the computer is out of bounds for me now. I can't post at your site until after SPM. So sorry for neglecting it! :)

sh3rina (^(@)^) said...

gambate for SPM!

Justine said...

Thank you Sherina. :D