Graduation Day

Yesterday was Graduation Day for the Fifth-form Class of 2008 at my school. Two other friends and I had to sit on the plastic chairs at the back of the graduation hall with the school teachers instead of on the comfortable cinema-like chairs with our friends due to some unprecedented miscalculations. Thankfully, a favourite teacher of mine sat beside me and I was able to kill my ennui.

Surprisingly, the speeches delivered by the V.I.P.s weren't somniferous at all. I actually paid attention to more than half of them, which is a first.

Finally, the time came for me to get in line to go on stage. I must have been invisible because the graduation robes were handed over to the two students in front of me and the last two students behind me. A lifetime or two later, I was provided a robe and donned it hastily with the aid of a teacher and rushed to stand by the stairs leading to the stage.

The school had hired a photographer so pictures taken by students in the audience were strictly prohibited. Fortunately, I was third to last to graduate and the teachers were getting jaded of keeping an eye on the students. So a friend seated quite close to the stage whipped out the handphone camera and motioned for me to look into the camera. This meant I had to look at two cameras: the school's and the friend's. As I received the graduation file, I smiled into the school's camera and proceeded to beam into the friend's camera. I hope no one noticed my extra time on stage.

When every student finally graduated, one final performance graced the stage. Towards the end, the valedictorian spoke a few touching words that made almost half the student population there weep. Then there was a symbolic gesture by a mother, a daughter and a teacher, which was also touching and this now reduced more than half the student population there to tears.

The students who performed onstage earlier came in through the back door which was where I was seated and suddenly, everyone was wrapping each other in bundles of hugs and was sobbing silently. All the teachers present went onstage and students lined up to thank and/or apologise to them. At this point, more than three-quarters of the student population were releasing the waterworks. Even the teachers had uncontrolled tears trickling down their cheeks. Needless to say, there was a lot of face-to-face contact as students hugged teachers (and each other). And I have never received as many hugs in one day as I had yesterday.

Amidst the overwhelming sea of emotions, three other good friends of mine and I were not able to shed a single tear, except the time when one of us laughed so much there were tears. And the time when I yawned so much tears sprang to my eyes. But other than that, we were pretty much dry. I suppose we didn't possess the ability to cry because our attuned thoughts went something like this: So I'll see you in school on Monday.

It was definitely an experience to remember from high school.


Kiki said...

You didn't cry? High-5!

diida.com said...

Hey Jian Ju.Thank for complimenting.
Are you serious we were that good the other day?Cause our Penolong Kanan Hem looked at me as if she wanted to swallow me or something when I was rapping.HAHAXD.Neway,glad you enjoyed the performence:)

Justine said...

Kiki: High 5! :D

Diida.com: Yes, you guys were very good! Really, she did? Haha. Maybe it's cos she wasn't expecting it or wasn't used to rap music. But really, you guys rapped perfectly to every beat. Thank you (and the rest) for the impressive performance. :)