End of the Road

High school actually ends on December 1st for me but officially, it ends tomorrow because I graduate high school tomorrow. High school is going to be over before long and that will be the end of it. No more school. That's not such a bad prospect. But as much as I grumble about school, I am going to miss everything about it -both the good and the bad. I have mixed-up feelings about this. So please:

a) Allow me to lament my high school departure.

b) And allow me to go celebrate my high school departure.


Joe Jian said...

jian.. u did not cry rite, did you? haha.. today's graduation was awesome. (except when we have to stand for so long for the photography session...) haha.. i have not taken any pictures with u b4 besides class photo. I am gonna catch you to snap photos with me when I see you in school!! haha..

Justine said...

No, I didn't. Haha. Or rather, I couldn't. ;) But yeah, it was interesting and entertaining as well. Haha. Battle of the photographers! I had a great time.