Positive Thinking

Today was brilliant.

After my mother drove the friend who very recently came back from abroad and I to my cousin sister's place, we headed to the twin towers to:-
a) get a little tour with my cousin's housemate who is a highly-paid and highly-intellectual geologist at her workplace
b) visit the humongous and beautiful bookstore there
c) spend quality time with 3 awesome people
d) release any stress/tension/anxiety

The very gracious friend/geologist told me what I needed to know about the job and for that, I owe her my gratitude. I've been interested in Geology for some time now but haven't a single clue what geologists do daily. So now I know and I am as interested as ever. Her clever insights and great advice also helped me more than she would know. I also have to thank her for loaning her jeans and belt to me since I wasn't informed that the place does not permit anybody wearing three-quarter length pants. Also, I don't own a single pair of jeans. I had also worn slippers which is also not allowed at the office building but my cousin sister saved the day. We went through a lot of hurdles today to just get me into the building. You don't need to know this but I left my pants at my cousin's place. Low memory power, I have.

When I reached home, I miraculously got a call from my brother's college. I had filled out a scholarship application a while ago based on my mid-term examination results -the ones I have now wouldn't even make me eligible for it- and now I am shortlisted for it. Surreal. I wrote the details mechanically in bewilderment. The interview is next Saturday and I am flipping out. God's Hands are at work here and whatever happens later should be for the best. Positive thinking. Positive thinking. Positive thinking.

I can't do interviews well. Positive thinking. I don't talk well; especially when I'm nervous. Positive thinking. Oh man. Positive thinking.

I am still frantic about yesterday though. OK, positive thinking. Positive thinking.


Kiki said...

u're doing geology?!! o_O

Justine said...

Why, bad idea kah? You sound so shocked. Haha. It is one of my options so I'm considering it. The job is super cool man. Gotta do with a lot of analysing of graphs and data. Scavenging for oil and petroleum, basically.

Kiki said...

i salute u man.. even though Im taking geo for spm.. im nt into geology haha.. all the best. starting january i suppose?

Justine said...

My decision still isn't final since I've got about 2 years to decide. Tengoklah nanti... Apalah. I actually enjoy Geography, more so than History, but didn't take it for SPM. I have no idea why. Yep, I'm going to enroll after trials. Diving right into college after high school.

sunon88 said...

I'll tell you why. Geology at school is a different ball park from geology at Uni. It is interesting in a different way. I have a friend doing geology here at uni, she might be able to talk you in/out of it.

I'm an engineer. So if you need some convincing on that, you know where to find me. Congratulations on the interview thing. I told Jez to go congratulate you, this is just in case you didn't get the message.


Justine said...

Talk me outta it? I'm also keen on engineering, but I'm contemplative. Haha. Thanks. Will know who to ask firsthand. Yes, he told me. I just got called. Not a big deal -to everyone else, that is; cos it is to me. :) Thanks! By the way, are you experimenting with names on Blogger or something? Haha.