Speaking of Interviews...

...I have only been interviewed 3 times in all of my 16 years on Earth.

The first ever interview was in 2004, when I was culled to be a prefect. I was a bad interviewee. Question 1: "Do you have a disciplinary record?" I replied, "No." It was a lie. I had forgotten to cut my nails once and my name was jotted down. I had also slept in class a lot but thankfully, that wasn't noted by the senior prefects. Question 2: "Why are your grades so unsatisfying, especially History?" They had actually asked me this. "Because it is a torture device in the form of a book," I had wanted to say. But said, "Er..." instead. "Do you promise to buck up when you become a prefect?" I nodded yes. This was no lie, but it didn't happen, not for History.

The second time had been in 2005, when a news reporter interviewed my group of teammates and me on our newspaper project in a nationwide competition. (We didn't win anything, by the way.) I mumbled something lame and they published a 7-word sentence I had said, possibly under obligations since I had been the editor-slash-team leader. The reporter had also interviewed us for a little section in the paper regarding teenagers' views on their parents. I didn't get horsewhipped by my parents. I did, however, get a ton of berating from my brother. I had ratted him out unthinkingly -on national newspaper. My bad.

The third time had been just last year, when yet again, I was selected to be a prefect when I resigned after a year of my stint. This one was succinct since I was leading my group for a Biology experiment -ironic, I know- when I was called. So it had to be quick because the fruits back in the lab needed to be fermented. They asked, "Are you interested in becoming a prefect?" "No," I answered truthfully. "Thank you," they said. "My pleasure," I had wanted to say, but said "Thank you" instead. And that was it.

A lifetime of experience, I have.

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