Road to Failure

Snap. I really chose the wrong time to suck and screw up.

Imagined conversation in the month of October when the foreboding results are out:

Parent: What did you get?
Justine: ...
Parent: What did you get?
Justine: Uh...
Parent: Justine. What did you get?
Justine: What did you get for dinner? I'm starving.
Parent: What. Did. You. Get.
Justine: Er...
Parent: A1? A2?
Justine: Well...
Parent: B3?
Justine: Um...
Parent: How much lower do you want me to go?
Justine: Just a little more.
Parent: (Gunshot. Bang!)
Justine: -out-

OK, the above was a joke. (I don't know how I can still conceive anything humourous even after recognising the implications of what happened today.) But jocularity aside, my parents were nothing but understanding when I told them how bad I'd done today. Although, I don't think they comprehend just how horrendously I'd performed. It was entirely my fault. I deserve major whipping.

Academics is all I've got. I am not athletic at all. I am also not outstanding in any other way. So, bye bye the-minute-chance-of-getting-a-scholarship. Hello toil-til-you-grovel-Justine.

I am not looking forward to the next two weeks of the trial examination at all.

In other news, I asked a friend a question I've been meaning to ask for 2 years now since 2006 but had forgotten to do so. My memory fails me. At 16. I'm in trouble. Although, I'm almost 17. Does that ameliorate the situation? Nope.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, I don't think academics is all you've got. Time is a funny thing. It changes things and people. So just hold out. Someone once told me, the secret to being happy is easy. It's just the drive to keep on keeping on. Set backs, is something to stand up from again. Hope you don't take things too hard.


Justine said...

The two things I majorly lack are:
a) confidence
b) determination
But someone told me today (really, today), "Do it or die trying." I've got a lot of work to do to develop that attitude. I'm the "die without trying" kinda person. Haha! But I really appreciate what you said. Thank you. :)