I think I may need anger management. I was revising history today when I reached my boiling point as I grudgingly memorised the [redacted] of the country's [redacted]. What I did next was out of hormonal teenage angst. Forgive me in advance.

I posted a question to the [redacted] under the nom de plume of [redacted] at [redacted]. (He was the one that conceived the idea the year I was born.)

My comment is still awaiting approval at present. I also doubt he would reply or answer my question because I am a mentally unstable high school kid. Not to mention the fact that his posts generate more or less 1000 comments every time.

Still. If it doesn't make it over there, then here it is:
It was a smart move to remain anonymous, no? (At least, anonymous over there.)

P/S: I resisted the persistent urge to add representin' my peers at the end of the post but I can't be too sure if my schoolmates feel as vehement as I do. And if the [redacted] would get it.

PP/S: Oh man. I hope I don't get seized and jailed for this post.

Update: Sorry. I had to redact about 50% of this post because the news this morning stressed that the [redacted] something [redacted] something something [redacted] and blogs. There is no freedom of [redacted] here and it might jeopardise my [redacted] and I wouldn't want that to happen.

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