Mortification at the Mall

The interview at the college is tomorrow. I thought I'd be sweating bullets by now but I am unreasonably calm. But maybe that serenity will fly out the window first thing tomorrow morning. Maybe not. I've been enlisting the help of a couple of adults lately for advice. I'll just do my best and the rest is in God's Hands.

The dress code is formal wear and I do have two skirts stashed in my cupboard for specific purposes such as this one. I also own a few pairs of shoes but haven't worn them since before I hit puberty so it is very likely that I can't fit into them anymore. When my parents and I went to the mall today, my mother took it upon herself to induce misery and launched right into Operation Get Justine Formal Attire.

I was forced to get a pair of ladies' shoes -no heels, thankfully, because that would be disastrous- and a semi-frilly ladies' blouse. I put up a tiny fight at the shoe shop. It backfired and my mother chastised me, quite loudly, in front of a few customers. My bad. The blouse purchase was a little less ugly. Needless to say, my level of discomfort had been exceedingly high at the mall today.

Also, I just want to thank the friends and family members who have wished me all the best for tomorrow. I appreciate it and really needed that. Thank you.


Kiki said...

dun think u'll read this in time.. but.. good luck! xD

Justine said...

I read it. Thanks! :) Leaving soon.