Life Anniversary

Part One: The SPM trials have finally concluded. It ended today for those who are sitting for Biology. It ended yesterday for those who are not sitting for Biology, such as yours truly. It ended the day before yesterday for those who are in the Arts Stream. We are halfway to freedom.

Part Two: A fleeting thought crossed my mind a while ago: life anniversary is analogous to birthday...I think. It only sounds weirder, not to mention unused at all.

Part Three: I'm 17 today. A little older. A little wiser. A little better at rationalising (I hope). A little closer to getting my driver's license. A little nearer to 18. Fantastic. Also, my late paternal grandmother would be 103 today. Here's to her.

Part Four: Tomorrow is the birthday of my cousin brother, who I am going to rendezvous with for dinner tomorrow with the cousin sister who recently turned 17 about a fortnight ago. We are September babies. And if I am correct, tomorrow is also the birthday of a fellow blogger. Happy Birthday -in advance.

Part Five: I didn't expect to receive any, much less many, birthday wishes since this is in the midst of trials, nearing the end, but I was proved wrong. I always am. Thank you very much for the meaningful wishes. Every one of them is going in the vault on my handphone.

Part Six: My brother, who usually gives me nothing but a half-hearted birthday wish every year, unleashed an envelope during dinner today and to my complete disbelief but total delight, it was a book voucher! Today's date was stamped on the vouchers. I am on cloud nine.

Part Seven: This is how incredibly terrible my memory is: I actually forgot what date today was when my mother asked me to sign something and fill in the space below for the date today. Unbelievable.

Part Eight: My lovely and hilarious cousin sister who doodles on planes recently got elected as next year's Head Prefect in her school. Her sister was the Assistant Head Prefect for Girls. I had been the Secretary at my school two centuries ago. Looks like it runs in the family. Or not. I couldn't believe the news at first but she is the perfect candidate since she can be scary when she wants to and has the gusto and moxie to fight high school crime.

Part Nine: Today was a great day. Money cannot buy what I wish for. And what I do wish for, God has blessed me with.

Part Ten: There is no part ten.


Joe Jian said...

sigh.. I didnt know that it was your birthday.. You are making me blaming myself for forgetting your birthday.. *sobs*..


Happy belated Jian Ju!!

Justine said...

Aiyo. It's fine. Don't have to blame yourself. So many people's birthday to remember anyway. Hehe. And thank you!! Enjoy the holidays. :)

By the way, it's not belated cos it's still my birthday. Haha. Xie xie ni.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday !


elisa. said...

alamak! why lar you put my photo? xDD it's so funny!!

Justine said...

Thanks Tim. :)

Elisa, gotta prove my point. Haha. And you look very authoritative with the big grin. Hehe. Kidding! You look great in the picture! :) Christa will be somewhere there next year I'm sure.

Danny said...

Happy Birthday!

Yes, you are correct, tomorrow is my birthday. Thanks for the link. How did you know? I am pleasantly surprised.

I'm glad your birthday went well.

Justine said...

Thanks, Danny. :) Happy Birthday to you, too! It's the 27th where I am. In answer to your question: I sleuth. Ha-ha. Thanks again. Hope you have a great one tomorrow (where you are). :)

Danny said...

Oh, I didn't even think about the time difference. So we both have the same birthday?

Justine said...

Technically, yep. It would be the same day for you since the 26th over there is the 27th over here. But the 26th over here is the 25th over there. So does that make any sense? Oy. Confusing.

Danny said...

Yes, I get it now. So next year I should use this to my advantage and celebrate my birthday twice.

Justine said...

Haha! You should. Celebrate it on the 26th and the 27th (where you are). My brother pointed this out to me: When 9/11 happened, it actually happened on 9/12 for us. So technically, 9/11 isn't really 9/11 for us. But that's a useless fact anyway.