Letter to Self

This post is going to be hideously tedious for anyone else besides myself so I insist that you disregard this. I just thought I'd do my future self a favour and write her a letter before I turn 17. It will be very freaky if you were to read the following so I insist again, stop reading right about now. I hope the warning doesn't pique your interest instead.

Dear Justine of the Future,

I hope you've finally solved the Rubik's Cube. It's about time you did it! I hope you're more confident now that you're 27. Approach people, make friends, smile at strangers.

You were never afraid to tell your parents that you love them, so I hope that doesn't change in the future. I trust that you remember everything your mother thought you, albeit you may have been extremely obstinate when you were younger. Mother knows best. Seriously. Don't let me remind you of the number of times you regretted disobeying her orders and advice.

Your father is a great man. Everything you do makes him proud and always remember that you are blessed with two fathers -your Father in Heaven, and your father on Earth. And both are too extraordinary for words.

You and your brother get along well so don't sabotage that kinship and never forget to stay in touch frequently even though you both are leading different lives.

I hope you've finally completed all your writing projects because 10 years is a really long time and, please don't let me down.

If God's plan all this while had been for you to become someone great, keep your head down and share your blessing.

But if God's plan all this while had been for you to become someone not-so-great (so you assume), always give it your best shot and keep in mind that God's plan is always the best. Besides, you were never good at planning anyway.

Whenever you feel like cracking under pressure, halt what you're doing and go read a book for a while. Don't waste your precious brain cells by worrying like you always did in high school. Oh, and please refrain from entering a bookstore whenever you know you shouldn't. The results would be disastrous if you fail to do so. You know what I mean.

I also hope you've had the chance to meet the person you've carved a portion of your life out for, even if said person doesn't know of your existence -yet, hopefully.

I hope you've become less of a perfectionist now that you're an adult and can think rationally. It's OK to lose or fail sometimes. Just don't give up everytime you do. Don't be a wuss. And please take good care of your eyesight. Your father and I went to lengths to keep them sound. Read with the lights on. Don't be lazy.

Are you wearing skirts and dresses more often now? If you are, remember that you are always a pants person. And if you are actually able to walk in heels without tripping, I commend you.

Futhermore, don't forget to keep your manners intact, eat all the vegetables on your plate and tone down that sarcasm.

Never lose sight of the most important things in your life. And remember, always serve God -everytime, everywhere, everyday.

And lastly, if both you and the blog are still here after a decade and you happen to read this exactly 10 years into the future, at 27, due to sheer coincidence or exceptional memory (doubtful), hit the comment button and reply, “Thanks, Justine from the Past. I didn't let you down. From, Justine in the Future.”

Oh. By the way, how's life in the future?

From, Justine of the Past.

The grammar in the e-letter above probably sucks because it can be a little confusing with the past tense and present tense what with my present self and future self. But eerie, isn't it? Told you.


elisa. said...

i like the idea. ;)
happy birthday cousin!

Justine said...

Thank you! I just posted a new post, by the way. I think about the same time you commented. Hehe. Cya tomorrow! :)