'I' in Interview

I have never done as much staring as I had yesterday.

I had no idea that the waiting process for the interview was an immeasurably long one that the unbreakable habit of bringing a storybook/reading material whenever I leave the house completely left me yesterday. I arrived at the college at 11AM. The briefing began at 12PM and ended at 1PM. Students' names were called by batches right after that. The very last student was called at 3.45PM. I know that because I was that last student.

The lecture hall became more and more deserted as I bored a hole into the wall with my perpetual stare. I had absolutely nothing to do. The rest of my schoolmates are having their interviews today so I knew no one. The interview process itself was mediocre. Not too good, not too bad. It is a known fact that I am not smooth under pressure and that I write better than I talk because my speech is terrible. But I was blessed to have a great interviewer who didn't make me feel small(er) and wasn't as formidable as the other interviewers.

I broke almost all the interview guidelines we were briefed about earlier. Almost. But I was the last student and I hadn't had lunch yet. So my thoughts were a little scattered by that time. I think I was too honest but I'm glad it's over now. I'm prepared for the best and the worst.

I finally ate my lunch at a few minutes past 4PM. I scarfed the whole serving in under 10 minutes and experienced a little indigestion after that. But oh, well. I was ravenous. I truly was.

I came back with a slight panic since I hadn't started my revision for tomorrow's paper -Physics. I slept at 3AM last night but this is nothing compared to the few friends who completely forgo sleep for several days.

Moreover, I learned something yesterday: There are 38 rows of wood in each tile on the wall of the lecture theatre. Interesting, huh?


elisa. said...

aah, i do that too when i'm bored alone.count random things. xD but we made friend's yesterday, so was better. (: thank God there was another guy from my school with me, my classmate. xD

Anonymous said...

Ah well it's over :) doesn't sound like it went too bad. And what guide lines? There are guide lines?


Justine said...

Elisa: I was antisocial the whole time. I didn't open my mouth for, I think, 3 hours. :)

Tim: Yeah, well. You never know what goes on in the interviewer's head. Guidelines such as these:
- say 'yes', not 'yeah'
- say 'good afternoon', not 'hi'
- don't move your hands, put it on your lap instead
- look at the interviewer in the eye all the time
- be confident

And as you can probably guess, I said 'yup', 'hello', made hand gestures, looked away from the interviewer many times and admitted that my weakness is my confidence. (This is what I meant when I say I was too honest. I shouldn't have said that. But my brain was working extremely slow at that moment in time.)

Still doesn't sound like it went too bad? Haha. But I think it went well, despite how bad it may sound. Both of us were equally tired and I didn't think I could put up an act long enough. She was a nice lady. :)