Happy Days

Today was like the past 2 days: Brilliant.

My prayer partner in Sunday School this year bought me some exquisite cupcakes for my birthday. I have never tried cupcakes before today and greatly appreciate her thoughtfulness. She unveiled the cupcakes out of the blue with an unlighted candle -which I pretended to blow later on- on the center one before class began. I was then forced, I repeat, forced to sit in the middle of the circle of classmates. My classmates then proceeded to sing 'Happy Birthday' at an alarmingly high volume. I, for one, do not relish any public attention whatsoever. I must have been flushed because a couple of friends pointed that out and a camera was immediately unleashed to snap my half-smile, half-cringe.

Then my Sunday School teacher made every classmate present, except me, mention one trait that they liked about me or something similar. (I was using a lot of concentration to suppress the urge to run away.) I don't know if they were forced to say what they did but I appreciate every one of it -though I may strongly disagree that I am "clever, gentle, courteous, friendly, simple, etc" because I am daft, rough, insolent and eccentric. My Sunday School teacher regarded me as "still water runs deep; but in a good way". I don't know what to make of that but I appreciate it very much, too.

One of the 3 good friends started to behave very peculiarly in the car after church. But then I found out why shortly thereafter. She was counting down the seconds to hand me their shared birthday present, not counting down the seconds to winter when snow would fall from the sky. I would screech if my reflexes were built to do so but I only gasped when I saw the gifts. I honestly love the gifts, regardless of what they may think. They know me best after my family and although it may be an object of torture (for now, at least) I am not going to complain. (I am not trying to be nice here, I really like it guys!)

We (3 friends and I) met up with my cousin sisters at the mall and we went to catch a movie. The movie could have been the worst movie ever made in the history of film-making and I'd have said that it was excellent because of the people who were watching it with me, not because of the show itself.

It was pretty perplexing at first to recognise every single person lurking at the book aisles where I usually prowl for books because the 5 of us revel in reading. Then I got used to it. All of us -really, all 6 of us- then came out of the bookstore with books (what else?) a couple of hours later.

We left the mall feeling spent. But completely gratified. At least, I seem to think so.

P/S: OK, this will be the last of my birthday. I'm sorry if this is getting monotonous. I will also be away for the next 3 days so you're spared.


Jeremy L said...

Hey hey, Anon.. =p Or Justine.. Haha, I'm glad to meet a new friend.. Oh, and BLESSED BELATED BIRTHDAY! I realize I'm a little late but as they say, better late then never. God bless! Enjoy yourself wherever you are now.. =]

Justine said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by and thanks for the wish! Yep, better late than never. :) I just got back. Enjoyed myself more than I had thought I would. God bless and enjoy the Raya break, too!

Jeremy L said...

Welcome back then.. =] Glad you're back safe.. Whew, I am loving the holidays currently.. Where did you go to, if you don't mind me asking?

Jeremy L said...

Oh, i forgot, yes you really should complete the book. It may be a little dry at the beginning since you don't like sci-fi but the read itself is worth alot. =p All the best and enjoy reading.. Haha..

Kiki said...

i hope u're enjoying ur raya. xD

Justine said...

Thanks. I am loving it, too. :D I went to Pulau Redang. Superb vacation spot. Cozy. (Not promoting, by the way.) I shall try to read it...sooner or later. I will, though. My brother is very sure I won't be able to finish it. Naturally, I am going to try to read it. And hopefully get something good out of it, which I'm sure I will from what you've mentioned. :)

Justine said...

Am enjoying the hols with 10 awesome friends: B-O-O-K-S! Haha. I hope I can finish them all before SPM. Otherwise, they'll be in the lock-up. Enjoy your hols, too! ;)