Exam Wishes

To my peers: All the best for the SPM trials of 2008! It's just an exam. A trial exam. Now say that a hundred times and it'll feel that way.

I know. Not helping.

But remember, ten years from now, you'll look back and wonder why you ever wasted so much energy fretting over something trivial. (Again, mull over it a hundred times and you'll get my drift. I know this because I have mused about it two hundred times.) So don't worry! Unless you are planning on applying for a college scholarship based on the forecast results, then there might be the slight need for worry. Take me for example. I am worrying my pants off. But you shouldn't.

Just strive for the best and let God do the rest. (Exam motto.)

P/S: I am bad at encouraging. I am not planning on becoming a therapist. So don't worry. No pun intended.

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