Birthday Dinner

Last night, my brother and I had laboriously tried to lock the hamper my father bought (for business purposes) into place with the aid of the car seat belt. It was a struggle and the fight with the seat belt -2 against 1- lasted for quite a while. We emerged victorious in the end.

Tonight, I was wrapping birthday gifts in the car and writing messages for said presents whilst on the way to the birthday dinner. There is no prize for guessing correctly what I bought for my two cousins. The three of us -September babies- immediately discovered that we had just bought the gifts a few hours prior to the dinner in haste at the same kind of store -bookstore- and at neighbouring shopping malls. It was a night for laughs.

I think my cousins know me far too well, as do my immediate family. Let's just say that my next few trips to the bookstore will be covered and I may not even need to make trips to the bookstore for a while. Although, it will be physically impossible since I will be going out to the mall tomorrow with 4 of my awesome friends and my cousin sisters, who are equally awesome. The mall has a two-floor humongous bookstore. Moreover, they all relish reading except the younger cousin sister who is the youngest of the lot but she'll grow into it (I hope). I am very much looking forward to tomorrow and am excited to spend the day with good company.

And a poignant post my cousin sister had written means the world to me. I am going to cherish it for all eternity, as I will with many other things she has given and done for me. This ain't no lie. This is also my serious tone.


elisa. said...

): *tearing*
I'm so touched. I'll always treasure what you've done for me too.

tonight was great! especially all the co-incidents between the three of us. ohh,what to do? it runs in the family. (:

Justine said...

You know it! And yes, tonight was fabulous! The food was great, the presents were great, the company was great, the cakes were great. Great great great. :D

Ashlea said...

-i cant drive..bt the pic did look lyk i was in de driver's seat ryte???ahahaa
-my mum was in de hospital for dengue together wit my sis and maid too...they're out now..

Justine said...

Aiyok. I really thought it was you. And I was wondering why on earth you would take pictures WHILE driving. Haha. Oh dear! All three of them? I better keep my mosquito zapper with me at all times. :) Will pray for their recovery!