Weekly Update

My father let me off the hook tonight.

The week has been harrowing. That is mainly due to a completely unprecedented, unwanted and undesirable circumstance that has stuck me in a huge rut.

I discovered on Monday, to my utter chagrin and horror, that I was chosen for the country's National Service programme. I didn't want to be selected so unbearably much that I was selected. Of course that had to happen. It is not my desire to contract lethal illnesses, clean lavatories, march endlessly, strain my muscles beyond ability as well as come close to death. And relinquish all my college plans after high school. Even what my brother conveyed here cannot express the ordeal I am in. It almost seemed like life or death when I received the ominous phone call from my cousin to confirm that, yes, I was to serve the country. I know we get to learn how to use guns as a self-defense technique because it is common for us to have a gun in our pockets to shoot any suspecting perpetrator. But even if I get to launch a bomb or throw a grenade, I will not submit to this.

I had been in a perpetual state of gloom for about one and a half days before I snapped out of it and asked for as much help and/or advice as I can get. I owe my gratitude to the ones who have provided the help and counsel I direly needed. I have even printed the necessary deferment documents today.

Yes, I am really this extreme, not to mention fanatic about it. Sorry for ranting, I'm just a little worn out.

In other news, I have officially resigned from my post as Prayer Coordinator in the school's Christian Union Club today. It has been a journey of many discoveries. I am blessed to have the opportunity to lead the gatherings for God.

The class party of 2008 is next Tuesday. I'm glad I have something to look forward to in the week besides eating, living and sleeping revision books.

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