Understand, I Do

Today was a day of profound understanding. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning today despite it being a Saturday. My mother and I went to pick up two awesome people -a great friend of mine and my cousin sister, who is also great.

My cousin sister led my mother to the college holding the University Day today and we spent about 2 hours there inquiring the very decent counselor about the whole concept of college/university after high school, to cut the long story short. Before today, I was extremely confounded because I had multiple options, was on multiple crossroads and couldn't decide. Now, I am merely on multiple crossroads. And have multiple options. The confusion, thankfully, has gone. We really owe our thanks to the lady because now we have a much clearer understanding of pre-university programmes, housemanship, America, etc.

It was only noon when we finished the whole college discussion so we went to the mall as planned. There was a book sale. And I am going to need a whole lot of self-control. That is all I am saying about it.

My mother was truly gracious for willingly chauffeuring us around today. Thank you, mother.

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