Three Parts

Part One: Wise Uncle prompted me take a little look into the world of economics, finance, stock exchange, futures, etc. today at Bloomberg. He also helped me make (a diminutive amount of) sense of what I was staring at on the screen.

Part Two: Apparently, miniature toads have an outlandish attraction toward my brother. Last night was the third night in which the scream "Frog! Frog at the door! Frog!" shattered the atmosphere of the movie I was watching when he was about to leave the house. This doesn't happen to the rest of the family members. My brother is terrified of toads; maybe that is the reason behind their timely appearances.

Part Three: In conjunction with the country's Independence Day this Sunday, Fifth Form students are required to go to school this Friday in nothing but traditional costumes. Oh, man. Since I do not own any kind of costumes, I had to borrow my mother's. Double oh, man. My mother restricted me from trying certain costumes because she explained that I did not have the grace and poise to don it. True, that. I tried on the first one, and my brother's reaction was instantaneous and predictable. He choked on his water and exclaimed, "What the-" before launching into an uncontrolled bout of hysterical laughter. I tried on the second one and decided that I would rather much be in a Barney mascot. Or a Deluxe Chickie Chicken Costume. Because no one would be able to recognise me.

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