One Time Thing

I can never decipher literature. It seems like a different language to me altogether. So what happened in school today was a little bit mind-boggling.

Whenever my English teacher discussed literature, she would always make us read between the lines and get us to reply her impossibly deep and thought-provoking questions that were always beyond my comprehension. While we were doing literature for English in school today, she asked, well, an impossibly deep and thought-provoking question. Never have I gotten the right answer to any of her literature questions so I didn't attempt answering it -out loud. I did, however, purposefully mutter to the friend beside me something highly unlikely and incredulous, but not impossible. It was meant to be sarcastic and funny. And we both guffawed because it was. Well, I had tried (in vain) to keep a straight face while the friend doubled over in laughter. That was how ridiculous my remark was.

We couldn't believe our ears when the teacher revealed the answer. It was exactly what I had said. I was right on the money. And it had to do with literature. We had to pause our guffawing for a while to make sure what we had heard was right and after we were positive that I was correct for the first and probably last time in literature, we launched into another fit of laughter. Amidst the chortling and convulsion, the friend declared, "I will never laugh at your answers again." Like I said, mind-boggling. And as an afterthought, literature is also mind-boggling -to me.

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