Lucky Number Seven

Part One: I went to my brother's college yesterday to, once again, inquire about the courses I intend to pursue there. It was quite a dismay as the counselor wasn't very informative. I'm sure it's understood that "petroleum engineering has to do with petroleum".

Part Two: I went for a family dinner last night since my aunt and uncle from down under are visiting the country. It is a delight to have them over since they are always the life of the party, or in this case, the life of family gatherings.

Part Three: Today, I went for the class party of 2008. We ate, joked, watched a remarkable movie, took pictures -the whole shebang.

Part Four: I must have looked really devastated when I discovered that I was selected for the National Service programme because my mother ordered an exorbitant and extraordinarily unique cake for me which arrived yesterday. That's my mother. And I say that with affection.

Part Five: My cousin sister made my mother get me a dress a few days ago. What have I become. (It is not a question.)

Part Six: I am going to have to enroll in college in less than two months' time -even before the major examination, even before high school is over, even before I get a break, even before the school holidays- because of something pesky that needs to be sorted out as soon as possible.

Part Seven: I'd be lying if I said that everything in my life is going great. My mind is constantly telling me that I am going to crack soon. I can almost feel it. Almost. But my strength comes from God. And what I only need to do, is have faith.

(Part Eight: I don't believe in luck.)


lydia zehr said...

part nine: lydia was here reading this entry:)

Kiki said...

o_O... but college term only starts in january.. hmm... o_O

Justine said...

Lydia: Thank you. Appreciate it. :D

Kiki: I know. But I have to enroll right after the trials cos I need to provide proof (college fee receipt) to defer (stupidstupidstupid) N.S. And I need the confirmation letter from college a.s.a.p. Sad, innit?

Anonymous said...

Things aren't so bad are they? : / I don't know about part 7. Hmm. You have a long life ahead of you, and I don't think you should let school stress you out if that is, or I might just be wrong.


Justine said...

Azngeek: You aren't wrong. I'm a lame human being. No, things aren't so bad. I don't even know why I'm stressing myself out. Like I said, lame-o: ME. Anyway, thanks, I'll remember that. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are lame. What I say sometimes is easier said than done, just gotta put things into perspective, and I was just trying to help put things into perspective :P. Hope things turn out well :)


Justine said...

Thank you. :D