A Day of Respite

I spent all day today at the mall with my parents and aunt and uncle visiting from down under. Despite the circumstances -4 adults and me, 1 kid- I actually had a great time. I spoke with my wise uncle regarding my uncertain future plans and he provided, as always, very keen insight. I may have to rethink my decision because my plans seem utterly foolish now since I hadn't considered a substantial amount of vital things in the long run. I'd probably change my mind two hundred more times before the time comes for me to make the final decision. There is also the possibility that my no-turning-back decision would be solely based on the opinions of the person I last speak to. Fickle-minded? I'd say so. I am going to need a whole lot more of counseling. I'm too daft to make the right and/or smart move.

It is very unlike me to say this, but, I finally got the Superman T-shirt I had longed for. I met up with my cousin sister later in the day and she revealed to me that she had actually planned to get the shirt for my birthday this year. It's the thought that counts, so thank you. Appreciate it.

(You can get me Batman or Spiderman shoes instead. Just kidding.)

The one week of holiday flew by in a rapid pace. School commences tomorrow and I never think it possible of me, but honestly, I am not looking forward to it.

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