My second favourite author recently faced a colossal copyright problem: her partial draft of an unpublished book has been illegally posted on the World Wide Web. After expressing her bitter chagrin about the completely loathsome situation in the most optimistic way anyone can possibly go about it, she decided to legally post the partial draft that was leaked for the sake of her readers -gratis.

I was up all night reading the 264-paged draft of the sought-after book, feeling dejected the whole time. 11 chapters is pretty much half of a book. (Her books are usually 400- or 600-paged.) And she was handing it to us for free, asking for nothing more than our ability to gain insight from it.

It distresses me to comprehend how this violation has probably scarred the author. The effort she has invested now seems like a waste but I'd buy the published book in a heartbeat.

Just wanted to voice my views on this. It is a little disturbing. I am really hoping that the author continues the story and not give in to her qualms and quit. Because then I'd really be indefinitely disturbed. The thought alone is daunting enough.


Danny said...

Maybe more people will buy the book because they want to know how it ends. I would never want to read half of a book and not know the ending.

Anonymous said...

I second Danny's opinion haha.


Justine said...

I third that. Haha. Yeah, I'd be tossing and turning in my grave if there was ever a time I read a book half-way -regardless of how good or bad it is. I'll never rest. The only major concern I have now is that the writer (of the book I mentioned in the post) might decide to stop writing the book and finishing it up because of the painful experience she had to endure. I'll never rest at that, too.

Justine said...

Sorry. I just realised that there were times, though not this year, when I stopped reading a book midway. But those books -yep, there were more than one- were either about war, autobiographical, classics, non-fiction or adultish. :D My bad.