Best Blackout

Today was fantastic.

For starters, there was a power outage in school even before I arrived at school in the morning. Due to the complete absence of light and breeze, the teachers allowed us to get out of the class and fill our time with anything we wanted. In fact, the English teacher ordered for us to leave the class since we were reading in the dark. We gladly obliged. She even granted us the permission to hang out at the forbidden area. Sweet. Today didn't count as a school day. I read my storybook for about five-seventh of the school day without (much) interruption.

To top that off, it rained immediately when school ended. I enjoy the rain as much as I enjoy Math. I wouldn't mind if it rained everyday or if I had to do equations everyday; unless, of course, if there was a flood or if my brain froze.

And to top that off, lunch today was a huge delight.

And then to top that off -it ends here, I promise- I finally and truly understood why I love reading as much as I do because the 750-paged book I have just set down is probably one of the most ingenious and compelling books my mind has ever had the privilege to dwell in.

Yes, it was a good day. Not even the freak accident which happened to me - really, why?- in the midst of my euphoria could dampen my high spirits.

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