What Jokes

Joke 1: I helped my brother at work today.
Joke 2: I was to supervise hyperactive kids at the play centre.
Joke 3: No kids were scathed.
Joke 4: But I was.
Joke 5: My skin scraped off at not one, but two (different) places.
Joke 6: Kids scare me.
Joke 7: I touched a snake, a tortoise and an iguana -all in the same time frame of 5 minutes.
Joke 8: The hamburger costed a whopping RM15.
Joke 9: I worked unpaid.
Joke 10: Every single kid was well-mannered. And I mean every.


elisa. (; said...

you sure everyone of them? XD

Justine said...

The two tiny destroyers were INITIALLY courteous. Haha. And then, well, you know what happened.