I have a lot of people to thank for yesterday and today:

A: Thank you for accompanying me yesterday to watch the movie I'd been yearning to.

S: Thank you for your laptop features and presence until 1:30AM. Synergy rocks.

M: Thank you for patiently tutoring me through MSN on how to use the software.

E: Thank you for the strawberry phone accessory and your company at the bookstore.

D: Thank you for the awesome-to-the-power-of-two watch. And the books.


elisa. (; said...

aaaaaah! did you get the *ahem* watch? which one? if not, use thy scanner and show me. xD haha
and you are most welcome. next time, somewhere more exciting okay? and thank you for being so patient in helping me choosing the knitted headband. (:

Justine said...

Yes, I got the watch. (Although I didn't get the red one, I got the white+blue one.) Chunchunchun... Definitely! Like the cinemas and a bigger bookstore! Haha. :D You're welcome! Thanks for being patient at MPH, too! Even after picking out your book/comic.