Rob Ot, Almost Done

Two teammates and a teacher came over to the house today to work on the robot for the competition next Tuesday. We are trying our level best to scrape through since we've only been informed about the brought-forward date of the competition two days ago.

Participants are prohibited from assembling the robot beforehand or with any form of reference so we had to memorise how to assemble the robot this morning. My job is to construct the arm and the rear wheel. I might have to soak my fingers in a bucket of ice after this whole thing is over. The process of programming is proving to be a little bit tedious but I am keeping my fingers crossed since we have a computer whiz on the team.

I am more worried about getting to the venue of the robotic competition than the competition itself. Combining the knowledge of the teacher and all three of us, I'd say there is a 25% chance that we will get to the right place.

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