Pros and Cons of High School

I woke up with only 7 minutes to spare before school began this morning. I made it to school -but not without being tardy. Thankfully, the latecomers weren't punished.

A friend of mine recently won tickets to the MTV Asia Awards 2008 in Malaysia which will be held this Saturday and her excitement is getting a little too impossible to contain. Although I don't exactly blame her because being able to grace the red carpet isn't something you get to do everyday.

My schoolmates and I had a Physics motivational course after school today and we headed to the restaurant located beside the school for lunch. I honestly had a blast and laughing as well as choking on food are reflexes when in good company.

In other news, my Moral Education teacher is making me do things I never thought I'd have to do in my lifetime. The latest task is going to require some major brain-racking.

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