P for Pressure

It seems as if the mid-term examination just ended a short while ago. And before I know it, another examination period is in the offing. The monthly test commences next week. SPM is dangerously drawing closer. The amount of homework has increased tenfold. A project is due soon. An out-of-school superbly-tough quiz is around the corner. The SPM trials will begin in two months' time. 61 days for 11 subjects. Thus, I'm allocated about 5 and a half miserable days for each subject -both fourth and fifth form. So it's a couple of hundred chapters in two months.

No biggie.

I might crack under the pressure in due time. And I have many good books begging to be read, as always. Moreover, it is getting harder to revise at the study table in my room because the bed located a few inches away is always beckoning.

Oh boy.

Anyway, read a profound quote (in my opinion) today: Don't waste your youth growing up. -Anonymous. Mr. Anonymous sure knows how to ring a bell.

In the meantime, it's Day 2 of work for my brother and he's fallen sick. This is turning out to be harder than I thought it would.

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