One Fine Day

While a couple of friends and I were playing the anagram word game in school today, the teacher approached us for a little survey. We were, as she put it, her guinea pigs as she asked us several riddles -some of which we could answer in a split second, some of which we had to take a couple of seconds to conceive the right answer to and some of which we just downright couldn't for the life of us figure out the answer to- in order to cull which ones to use for an upcoming program.

Since we had a few free periods in school today, a friend and I played an absurd game of Get 'Em Staples. After a few minutes of killing our time in the most unproductive way -said game- a sudden memory of an indelible event in middle school prompted me to tell the story to the friends and each one of us to exchange middle school tales. We laughed until our sides ached terribly, tears streamed down my face and a friend fell off the chair. I kid you not.

It's school days like today that I get out of bed for.

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