Not-so-big Idea

After church today, my parents took a friend and me to the mall. We headed to the greatest shop in the mall for a good one hour and proceeded to a very cool art store. Of course, we were inexplicably intimidated because both of us are artistically inept and customers around us shuffled around the store, knowingly culling art items off the shelves. We, on the other hand, were reading instructions on the back of every craft item.

The friend had to buy some stuff for her scrapbook as a birthday gift to a friend and we spent a bad one hour brainstorming. It took a huge amount of effort to just choose matching and suitable colours. We thought we had it good when we realised that we didn't even know half of what the stuff sold there were for or how they were used. We finally decided to ask for professional help i.e. the lady at the store. Next thing we knew, all of our plans were thwarted as we soon found out that they were completely lame with a capital E. The very helpful and gracious lady helped us tremendously and we went with her brilliant ideas in less than a millisecond. Problem solved. What a load off the shoulders.

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