It's Raining, Man

Lately, the days at school are becoming more eventful. Like today for example, it rained. It hasn't rained for quite a while and I for one, enjoy the rain. The torrential rain hit the roof sheltering the assembly area like bricks until we couldn't hear ourselves talk. It seemed like everyone was talking to themselves or moving their mouths inaudibly; and I was no exception. And those who wanted to get their message across had to scream a few times; and again, I was no exception.

When school ended, I walked out to the main road to wait for my mother just like any other day as it was merely drizzling. The tiny droplets of water soon morphed into huge buckets of water and the other schoolmates and I who were waiting over there had to make a quick dash for the bus stop situated closer to the school building while maneuvering between vehicles at a standstill. Needless to say, we were semi-drenched by the time we arrived at the crowded bus stop. But it has been a while since I've last walked/ran under the rain. So it was refreshing to do that today -both hypothetically and literally- despite being sick.

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