Epic Question

(Most of you know this but in school, I go by a different name -the name on my identification card. Justine isn't on it -something I constantly ask my mother about- but it was the name my mother gave me at birth. If my schoolmates were to call me Justine, it would take a few times before I will answer because it is not a reflex in school. On the contrary, if my family or friends out of school were to call me by the name on my identification card, I wouldn't answer instantly as well. Just a little explanation.)

Five minutes before prayer meeting began this morning in school, a friend asked me a question I thought I'd never hear in all of my adolescent years.

Friend: Hey. Do you have a friend named Justine?
Justine: Why do you ask?
Friend: (lengthy explanation that cracked me up -internally)
Justine: Well. No, I don't have a friend named Justine...
Friend: Oh.
Justine: ...because I am Justine.

The last rejoinder earned me a few painful smacks with the book I'm currently reading as the friend wrenched it out of my hand to do so. It was painful but boy was the enjoyment worth every smack.

I have to thank the only other friend who was there at the time and who knew full well who Justine is but kindly decided to play dumb for my sake (and amusement). Needless to say, the above conversation was one of the best conversations I've ever had in high school.


Kiki said...

that sounds masochistic. -.-

Justine said...

Which part? Haha. It was all in good fun -for me, anyway. :D