Dull Day

My schoolmates and I had to attend school today despite it being a Saturday for a four-hour motivational course on the Malay language. I should just say for the umpteenth time that my grasp on the language is undeniably inadequate. We had to learn about grammar, essay-writing, literature and comprehension in the Malay language. I wouldn't have minded if we had learned this any other schooling day except today was a Saturday. And it was a Saturday morning. That explains why my brain wasn't really working in school today. Nonetheless, I learned a couple of things I hadn't known and it was beneficial for me in every aspect.

The administrators were gracious enough to provide lunch for the students in attendance today. Lunch was very interesting because most of us were performing dissections on the chicken meat while eating and painting the canteen floor with splashes of syrups and food morsels due to everyone being in close proximity and accident-prone.

Two hours after school, a friend and I went to another friend's house to study. And I am going to have to do more reading later. I just might dislike reading. Textbooks, that is.

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