19 Going On 2

Besides today being America's Independence Day -Happy Independence Day, by the way- it was also my brother's 2nd birthday. While on a book-shopping spree a while ago with my cousins, I purchased a very awesome card and a very awesome present for my brother.

The card:
The present:

I probably shouldn't have gotten him the Hot Wheels from Toys"R"Us seeing as how he isn't 3+ yet. But I'm sure he'll be extra careful.

OK. Just kidding. He actually turned 20 today. I'm still finding it hard to wrap my head around that fact. Twenty? Unbelievable. He is still very much aged 10 in my mind, ironic as it may seem, and will probably remain 10 in my head for a while. But though he may be technically 20, saying he's 2 wouldn't be overstating it. Much.

By the way, I wasn't joking when I said I got him the card and toy in the pictures above.


elisa. (; said...

i can be of witness to the entire thing. xD i remember helping you choose and going around the counters to look for more similar toy cars. haha anyway, did he like it? (:

Justine said...

Entah. It was so weird even giving him the thing. I cepat cabut after I gave it to him. Haha. Anyway, like it or not, it's still a gift. And it's from me -who never surprises him with gifts. I'll rampas it balik if he doesn't like it. Ha! (Kidding...)