Writing is a Virtue

I don't think that I was born with the talent to write. I do think, however, that in lieu of all my reading for the past two years, it somehow developed. I haven't been reading in a while. And I might not be reading at all in a while. I say this because I am officially a semi-stressed-out student. Ergo, I fear that my ability to write will vanish into a cloud of smoke. But I am always paranoid.


Pros and Cons of High School

I woke up with only 7 minutes to spare before school began this morning. I made it to school -but not without being tardy. Thankfully, the latecomers weren't punished.

A friend of mine recently won tickets to the MTV Asia Awards 2008 in Malaysia which will be held this Saturday and her excitement is getting a little too impossible to contain. Although I don't exactly blame her because being able to grace the red carpet isn't something you get to do everyday.

My schoolmates and I had a Physics motivational course after school today and we headed to the restaurant located beside the school for lunch. I honestly had a blast and laughing as well as choking on food are reflexes when in good company.

In other news, my Moral Education teacher is making me do things I never thought I'd have to do in my lifetime. The latest task is going to require some major brain-racking.


Something Like a Blog Hiatus

I had the best lunch and dinner all in one day -today.

In other unimportant news, I privatised my blog today because I will not be updating it frequently anymore; well, at least not as frequent for the next couple of months. Thus, I am merely typing for myself and one other pair of eyes that has access to this blog.

It was actually incredulously difficult to get this blog privatised because the forces of the World Wide Web weren't on my side.

On a side note, I am feeling pretty bad for privatising this blog without any explanation, in the slim chance that there were actually readers of this blog. Sorry, non-existent readers.

Anyway, I will probably post on weekends, holidays, red-letter days and some other days in between.

Stay tuned for more weekly updates!

Just kidding.


Not-so-big Idea

After church today, my parents took a friend and me to the mall. We headed to the greatest shop in the mall for a good one hour and proceeded to a very cool art store. Of course, we were inexplicably intimidated because both of us are artistically inept and customers around us shuffled around the store, knowingly culling art items off the shelves. We, on the other hand, were reading instructions on the back of every craft item.

The friend had to buy some stuff for her scrapbook as a birthday gift to a friend and we spent a bad one hour brainstorming. It took a huge amount of effort to just choose matching and suitable colours. We thought we had it good when we realised that we didn't even know half of what the stuff sold there were for or how they were used. We finally decided to ask for professional help i.e. the lady at the store. Next thing we knew, all of our plans were thwarted as we soon found out that they were completely lame with a capital E. The very helpful and gracious lady helped us tremendously and we went with her brilliant ideas in less than a millisecond. Problem solved. What a load off the shoulders.


Good Food

I went for a jazz festival with my cousins and our parents today. The food was good. The music was not bad. It was very bad. My cousin sisters are getting pretty funny these days.

Cousin Sister 1: This is noise pollution!
Someone: I feel like snatching the guitar and smashing it hard against the floor.
Cousin Sister 2: Yeah. Let's do that...in our imagination!

Someone: Such awesome music.
Cousin Sister 1: I feel so touched.


Daughter of Coolness

My mother created a Facebook account today. For the record, I do not have an account over there and don't plan to anytime soon.

In conclusion, I am now too cool for words. (Sarcasm overdose here.)


Rad Repartee

Class: So, tell us, why did you decide to become a teacher?
Teacher: When I think of doctors, I see sick people. When I think of lawyers, I see people with problems. But when I think of teachers, I see young people.

Out of all the answers I've gotten from teachers who have been asked as to why they chose the teaching profession, this is the best one yet -in my opinion. Nonetheless, this doesn't change the fact that I hold no interest in being a teacher. It would only be for the better of the pupils.


Need. Sleep.

Since I lack self-control, the computer is going to have to go soon as the SPM trials begin in about a month. The books will follow soon after. And then later on, sleep and food.

Just kidding about the sleep-and-food part. You can tell when I'm being sarcastic now, can't you?

If I sound illogical, blame it on the sleep-deprivation.

Hasta luego.

Again, blame it on the sleep-deprivation.



Open Book

I've just discovered something about my father. He possesses the ability to tell what I am thinking. I never knew he could do that. I had thought that only my mother could do that. It is hard to conceal what is going on in my thinking machine up there because she can always tell most of what's on my mind even through tiny gestures. I had merely asked my father a petty question today and bam, he told me what I was thinking spot-on and without even realising it. I guess I was wrong. Both parents are capable of looking into my head.

This might pose a bit of a problem.


Rob Ot, Almost Done

Two teammates and a teacher came over to the house today to work on the robot for the competition next Tuesday. We are trying our level best to scrape through since we've only been informed about the brought-forward date of the competition two days ago.

Participants are prohibited from assembling the robot beforehand or with any form of reference so we had to memorise how to assemble the robot this morning. My job is to construct the arm and the rear wheel. I might have to soak my fingers in a bucket of ice after this whole thing is over. The process of programming is proving to be a little bit tedious but I am keeping my fingers crossed since we have a computer whiz on the team.

I am more worried about getting to the venue of the robotic competition than the competition itself. Combining the knowledge of the teacher and all three of us, I'd say there is a 25% chance that we will get to the right place.


What Jokes

Joke 1: I helped my brother at work today.
Joke 2: I was to supervise hyperactive kids at the play centre.
Joke 3: No kids were scathed.
Joke 4: But I was.
Joke 5: My skin scraped off at not one, but two (different) places.
Joke 6: Kids scare me.
Joke 7: I touched a snake, a tortoise and an iguana -all in the same time frame of 5 minutes.
Joke 8: The hamburger costed a whopping RM15.
Joke 9: I worked unpaid.
Joke 10: Every single kid was well-mannered. And I mean every.


One Fine Day

While a couple of friends and I were playing the anagram word game in school today, the teacher approached us for a little survey. We were, as she put it, her guinea pigs as she asked us several riddles -some of which we could answer in a split second, some of which we had to take a couple of seconds to conceive the right answer to and some of which we just downright couldn't for the life of us figure out the answer to- in order to cull which ones to use for an upcoming program.

Since we had a few free periods in school today, a friend and I played an absurd game of Get 'Em Staples. After a few minutes of killing our time in the most unproductive way -said game- a sudden memory of an indelible event in middle school prompted me to tell the story to the friends and each one of us to exchange middle school tales. We laughed until our sides ached terribly, tears streamed down my face and a friend fell off the chair. I kid you not.

It's school days like today that I get out of bed for.


Object of Torture

A friend of mine made a torture bracelet out of staples in school for me today. How sweet.


Imminent Departure

My schoolmates and I are in the process of receiving our monthly test grades. We were also handed a very important school document today: the high school leaving certificate. This kind of saddens me. But cheers me up entirely a few minutes later. It's a little bit of both joy and sorrow.



I have a lot of people to thank for yesterday and today:

A: Thank you for accompanying me yesterday to watch the movie I'd been yearning to.

S: Thank you for your laptop features and presence until 1:30AM. Synergy rocks.

M: Thank you for patiently tutoring me through MSN on how to use the software.

E: Thank you for the strawberry phone accessory and your company at the bookstore.

D: Thank you for the awesome-to-the-power-of-two watch. And the books.


Epic Question

(Most of you know this but in school, I go by a different name -the name on my identification card. Justine isn't on it -something I constantly ask my mother about- but it was the name my mother gave me at birth. If my schoolmates were to call me Justine, it would take a few times before I will answer because it is not a reflex in school. On the contrary, if my family or friends out of school were to call me by the name on my identification card, I wouldn't answer instantly as well. Just a little explanation.)

Five minutes before prayer meeting began this morning in school, a friend asked me a question I thought I'd never hear in all of my adolescent years.

Friend: Hey. Do you have a friend named Justine?
Justine: Why do you ask?
Friend: (lengthy explanation that cracked me up -internally)
Justine: Well. No, I don't have a friend named Justine...
Friend: Oh.
Justine: ...because I am Justine.

The last rejoinder earned me a few painful smacks with the book I'm currently reading as the friend wrenched it out of my hand to do so. It was painful but boy was the enjoyment worth every smack.

I have to thank the only other friend who was there at the time and who knew full well who Justine is but kindly decided to play dumb for my sake (and amusement). Needless to say, the above conversation was one of the best conversations I've ever had in high school.


Oh Boys

I got outwrestled by a pair of three-year-old twin boys today.



I Didn't Do It

My next favourite cartoon after Rugrats, Little Lulu, Madeline and a few others.

The JYJJ bookmark -one of the greatest gifts I've received; simply because it is a bookmark, it has my initials on it and it is done by a wonderful friend.

Boredom begat this.

I don't feel the need to say much today. Just wanted to share a couple of awesome stuff a good friend of mine did for me since, you know, I don't have the slightest skill to do it.

All pictures are drawn by the one and only L.S.G.C. ©


I Joke Not

Can your fingers suffer from internal bleeding? 'Cause that's what my index finger seems to be experiencing ever since I ripped out a thin shred of skin on said finger.

Day by day, my classroom is getting more and more conducive for sleeping and the desk is getting more and more pillow-like.

My hair is also thinning day by day. I know this because my ponytail is getting smaller and smaller each day. I should have listened to my mother and chopped it all off when it grew and hit my shoulder. I am going to get it snipped soon.

Two friends came over to help out with my research on the complexities of a thing called red and ox.

If only I was kidding about all the above. But alas, I'm not.


Fine Food

Today, my mother bought some very nice food for lunch after school. It has been eons since I've last tasted such satiable curry. Sweet and glorious curry. Spoon licking good. You get the point.



My mother got the whole family some very cool shades. It is my first time owning any sort of (sun)glasses. I know it's completely useless for me to point this out.

My family celebrated my brother's 4th of July birthday today. It is a family custom to take the birthday family member out to dinner at a place he/she likes eating at. The dinner today was probably the first time I've talked to my brother for more than 2 minutes all week.

A friend came over after church today to watch TV, play computer games, do manicure and pedicure as well as eat junk food while reading girly magazines. (This is my most sarcastic statement in the post, if you can't tell. Forgive me. I just can't bear to type the antithesis. It is getting too monotonous.)

The monthly test begins tomorrow. My fingers are itching to torch some papers.

That is all.


Dull Day

My schoolmates and I had to attend school today despite it being a Saturday for a four-hour motivational course on the Malay language. I should just say for the umpteenth time that my grasp on the language is undeniably inadequate. We had to learn about grammar, essay-writing, literature and comprehension in the Malay language. I wouldn't have minded if we had learned this any other schooling day except today was a Saturday. And it was a Saturday morning. That explains why my brain wasn't really working in school today. Nonetheless, I learned a couple of things I hadn't known and it was beneficial for me in every aspect.

The administrators were gracious enough to provide lunch for the students in attendance today. Lunch was very interesting because most of us were performing dissections on the chicken meat while eating and painting the canteen floor with splashes of syrups and food morsels due to everyone being in close proximity and accident-prone.

Two hours after school, a friend and I went to another friend's house to study. And I am going to have to do more reading later. I just might dislike reading. Textbooks, that is.


19 Going On 2

Besides today being America's Independence Day -Happy Independence Day, by the way- it was also my brother's 2nd birthday. While on a book-shopping spree a while ago with my cousins, I purchased a very awesome card and a very awesome present for my brother.

The card:
The present:

I probably shouldn't have gotten him the Hot Wheels from Toys"R"Us seeing as how he isn't 3+ yet. But I'm sure he'll be extra careful.

OK. Just kidding. He actually turned 20 today. I'm still finding it hard to wrap my head around that fact. Twenty? Unbelievable. He is still very much aged 10 in my mind, ironic as it may seem, and will probably remain 10 in my head for a while. But though he may be technically 20, saying he's 2 wouldn't be overstating it. Much.

By the way, I wasn't joking when I said I got him the card and toy in the pictures above.


It's Raining, Man

Lately, the days at school are becoming more eventful. Like today for example, it rained. It hasn't rained for quite a while and I for one, enjoy the rain. The torrential rain hit the roof sheltering the assembly area like bricks until we couldn't hear ourselves talk. It seemed like everyone was talking to themselves or moving their mouths inaudibly; and I was no exception. And those who wanted to get their message across had to scream a few times; and again, I was no exception.

When school ended, I walked out to the main road to wait for my mother just like any other day as it was merely drizzling. The tiny droplets of water soon morphed into huge buckets of water and the other schoolmates and I who were waiting over there had to make a quick dash for the bus stop situated closer to the school building while maneuvering between vehicles at a standstill. Needless to say, we were semi-drenched by the time we arrived at the crowded bus stop. But it has been a while since I've last walked/ran under the rain. So it was refreshing to do that today -both hypothetically and literally- despite being sick.


P for Pressure

It seems as if the mid-term examination just ended a short while ago. And before I know it, another examination period is in the offing. The monthly test commences next week. SPM is dangerously drawing closer. The amount of homework has increased tenfold. A project is due soon. An out-of-school superbly-tough quiz is around the corner. The SPM trials will begin in two months' time. 61 days for 11 subjects. Thus, I'm allocated about 5 and a half miserable days for each subject -both fourth and fifth form. So it's a couple of hundred chapters in two months.

No biggie.

I might crack under the pressure in due time. And I have many good books begging to be read, as always. Moreover, it is getting harder to revise at the study table in my room because the bed located a few inches away is always beckoning.

Oh boy.

Anyway, read a profound quote (in my opinion) today: Don't waste your youth growing up. -Anonymous. Mr. Anonymous sure knows how to ring a bell.

In the meantime, it's Day 2 of work for my brother and he's fallen sick. This is turning out to be harder than I thought it would.


Birthday Everyday

I've been launching into frequent and intermittent coughing fits lately and my mother dropped by the Chinese pharmacy today to get me a remedy. Of course, with it being Chinese medicine, I had a hunch that the name of the medicine for cough would be something funny; like this. I wasn't wrong. The text on the package was Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa. I have no qualms about it because it is clinically efficacious (I hope).

My mother had initially ordered a 3kg birthday cake for my father's 59th birthday a few days ago for a mere 9 family friends (including my family). It was a good thing she changed it to 2.5kg in the end because the cake was originally 2.5kg before the celebration and 1.5kg after the celebration. Like yesterday, I munched on the leftovers of the cake today and probably will tomorrow and the days after. It will take us many jaded days before the cake will be completely finished. It feels like it's someone's birthday everyday; though that is technically true.

In other news, today was Day 1 of my brother's one-month stint working for my aunt in the city. He had to wrap stuff. Sounds hard. "Guess what I saw at work today?" he asked me. "What?" I asked unnecessarily. "Two small babies fighting over a toy bucket." And then he chuckled. This is turning out to be better than I thought it would.