Wonderfully Eventful

Today, I learned an interesting new word I came across for the first time in a book I'm currently reading: turducken. It is a chicken cooked in a duck cooked in a turkey; as the name suggests. Somehow, I found this hilarious.

Today, my classmates and I found out our position in class based on the mid-term examination results. I have to concede that I was honestly shocked because I hadn't given it my all and worked hard for it and invested much effort. Those are definitely reasons enough that God has blessed me with more than I deserve.

Today, Theft #3 took place. Read a detailed account about the crime from the witness herself. I must say, the whole drama is slowly getting a tad too interesting and enjoyable; despite my being Victim #1.

Today, 3 friends and I went to the mall after school to catch a horror movie. It was funny how the 4 of us reacted differently to the suspenseful and horrific scenes. One would claw the friend seated beside, another would guffaw audibly, another would scream intermittently, and I would sink lower and lower into the seat... simply because it was comfortable. (OK, not really.)

After the movie, we headed to the departmental store to cull a birthday gift for a friend. In our midst of hunting for the gift, 2 friends got sidetracked when they spotted a Winnie The Pooh video game and proceeded to play it; from start to finish. I watched as the 2 barking mad friends took control of the game; one commandeering the joystick while the other seized the jump button. They were so comical and Pooh was doing some unbelievably hilarious moves that I laughed until there were tears in my eyes and my sides hurt so bad. Moreover, the statement below the screen wasn't helping matters: 3-5 YEARS. They exceeded the age limit but that didn't stop them in the least bit. They both made a great team and managed to complete the game mission. Nicely done.

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