Witless Witness

During Biology period in school today, I decided to stay back in class while my other classmates headed to the Biology lab for the sole purpose of keeping watch on the belongings of my classmates what with the sporadic thefts lately. Two minutes into the decision, a thought dawned on me: If something really did go missing though there weren't any other students around besides me, I would undoubtedly be accused. So I changed my mind and was midway to the lab when I realised that another friend was also staying back in class. Ergo, I marched back to class to bear witness in the event of a crime since it would be the 2 of us instead of just 1 witness. It was too good -or bad, depending on how you saw it- to miss. I was skeptical of every student walking pass. My head spun in different directions every time I heard faint footsteps, uneven breaths or leaves rustle. (OK, just kidding on the leaves.) It was painstaking. But nothing was stolen...so far.

I also realised the whole paragraph above could be written in one sentence: I didn't witness any theft during Biology. Sorry for beating around the bush.

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