What's So Modern About Mathematics?

The first thing my teacher did when we hopped into her car to head to the school hosting the Modern Mathematics quiz was retrieve 6 photo albums of her vacation in Korea for our viewing pleasure. Funny woman.

When we first arrived at the host school, I was unequivocally intimidated because every other school representative had a poker face or looked smug and I was as prepared to sit for it as much as I was prepared jumping into a tank full of sharks -with or without any protective gear. There were 36 schools in participation. All of us had to sit for 5 rounds individually. 10 minutes for 10 questions each round. I am weak in Transformations but what questions came out during the first round but two Transformation questions. I had to laugh when I saw said questions.

We had to wait for 45 minutes before the first round commenced due to a school being late. Fortunately, I had a friend I hadn't seen for 2 years sitting behind me to keep me from sleeping -I am always drowsy before 9AM- by asking how things were holding up. I have to commend the school who was late because they hadn't known that the quiz was on today and in a mad rush to make it in time to the host school, got involved in a minor road accident. And said school placed second. Without any preparation whatsoever. That's sheer genius.

In any case, we placed 6th. Praise God.

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