What A Weekend

I've just gotten back from the little sojourn with the friends. Last night was, to put it mildly, a complete whirlwind. We arrived at the hotel in the afternoon and headed up to the main highlands shortly after that via cable car. I was apprehensive about it and soon discovered that I had a reason to because two friends were attempting to rock the cable car purposefully. Our lives merely depended on an i-don't-know-how-old wire and ominous forest loomed below us.

We had a couple of hours before the concert commenced so we decided to have a little fun at the theme park. We rode on a couple of thrilling rides which I hadn't been on in quite a while. It was exhilarating, downright fun and nauseating. But mostly thrilling.

The Click Five only appeared on stage 40 minutes after the stipulated time printed on the tickets. The audience were restless after 30 minutes of bated breath but erupted into hysterical clamour when the band finally made their appearance on stage. My throat was going dry from just hearing the wild uproar in the arena. I was silent 98.53% of the time until the person who sat next to me kept glancing over at me; probably to check if I was human or not. Moreover, I was down with the flu, had sore throat and a slight fever since yesterday morning -of all times. I am still sick right now though thankfully, I am getting better.

The completely absurd part of the night was after the concert when my die hard friends trailed the band to the hotel they were putting up at. And the utterly whacked-out part was when they went to the floor the band was staying on and knocked on every single room door until they found them; all this while dodging security from a 5-star hotel. I'm happy to report that I wasn't a participant in this fanatic pursuit. Moreover, I was semi-deaf, somnolent and unwell. (And I ain't a fan.)

After a lifetime or two, we returned to the hotel. Before finally succumbing to sleep, we went down to the hotel lounge for a brief recap of the whole crazy night. They were so proud to have made fan history by tracking them right up to the hotel room. I can honestly say now that I have mad friends -not that I am not one myself.

I've got to catch up on some sleep now. School reopens tomorrow. It's back to reality.

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