Thirteenth Hour

A friend and I are now set to join the other 2 friends for the concert tomorrow. In the beginning, we had actually planned for the 6 of us to go. Then it was cancelled. Then it wasn't yesterday. Then it was cancelled again this morning. And it's back on track a few hours ago. Confounding plans, I'd say.

I was asked to bring a camera along because the other 3 friends had their own camera problems. Well, I've joined the club. There are three PDAs and two cameras in the house but not even one single charger around. Really. I've had my own set of PDA charger for ages when I didn't even need to use it. And now I can't find mine; especially after cleaning my room recently. My mother conceded that she might have thrown hers away -I was rendered speechless when this fact was disclosed to me- and my brother couldn't even locate his PDA in the vicinity of his room. One of the camera's charger is missing and the other camera is nowhere to be found though I presume that it is probably lost in the wreckage that is my brother's room.

I guess snapping pictures with friends while out on a vacation on the last year of high school just isn't meant to be. But boy am I glad to be doing something eventful this weekend.

End rant.

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