The Reader

I've been trying to forgo reading (storybooks) ever since my mother reported a few months ago that I had spent exactly RM1958.51 on storybooks alone in year 2007. Unsurprisingly, the arduous attempt went up in flames. However, with the onerous feat of pressing on in The Marathon That Begins With An 'N', I am honestly considering giving up reading to focus on more important things. Sadly, I got back an English exercise book in school today and I obtained an overly impressive 12 out of 25 for an English exercise. (Impressively devastating.) Clearly, it is imperative that I resume my reading habit -without even breaking it in the first place. Not that I'm kvetching.

In other blog-shattering news (well, my blog anyway), it has come to my attention that my mother reads my blog. The sinking suspicion I've been having for a while now was confirmed today. Aye. Again, not that I'm kvetching. I'm glad. This promotes a better understanding between a mother and her loony daughter and enables the mother to know every single mortifying detail about her daughter's daily rants. Aye! (And I suppose I can include my brother in this subject as well.) Welcome, mother!

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