Picture Imperfect

The following are the pictures taken during the school break:

Told you I've got small fingers. -Dinner

We love leg shots. -1 Utama Shopping Centre

Thing 1 (left) and Thing 2 (right). -Aunt's 50th Birthday Party

The Click 3.142 Concert. -Arena of Stars, Genting


elisa. (; said...

yes..we all have cute tiny fingers.
& thing 1,thing 2?
haha xD

ohh, click 3.142?
click 4 to the power of 5. =)

and i love the first picture.

Justine said...

I rotated the first picture cos the camera took it sideways. Haha. Thing 1 and Thing 2 -like from The Cat in The Hat. :) I like all the pictures...thanks to you! :D