Got Pain, No Gain

Today, I finally asked a friend a question I've been meaning to ask since the beginning of high school -that is, four years ago. Every time I remembered the question, I would forget to ask the friend the very next second due to some bagatelle. I know; I possess an incredibly short memory span.

I have been having this unexplained bruise on my arm since -I'm assuming- Sunday night and have been trying to crack my head to figure out how I got it in the first place. After much pondering all day yesterday, I have finally discovered the reason why: When I was at the concert last Saturday night in Genting, the friend who sat beside me kept gripping my arm with the strength of several bulls every time the lights went off to insinuate that the band was making their appearance on stage soon. (They didn't. They only came on 40 minutes and a few excruciating clutches later.) Little did I know that the friend actually has an unbelievably steely grip. And that's how I came to have the bruise. I'm just glad my bones didn't rupture from the immense pressure.

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